Sunday, September 29, 2019

Update • 9/29/19 • Treatment Has Started

It has been a very long journey up until this point. Thank you to everyone who has been praying and walking along side us. 

Crazy to say it’s been a long journey because Grady just started chemo today. 

I received a great compliment Friday when the social worker at our Oncologist visit declared I should get a reward for the greatest advocate. I’ve been working so hard this past month, and especially last week to actually get Grady’s treatment started. His tumors were growing so fast, but because of our crazy healthcare system it took this long to get him into the hospital. We had a lot of mixed emotions while being admitted into the hospital Friday afternoon. I was so happy Grady was finally going to be  treated, but also feeling so scared at how. Chemo is a very scary thing to us. 

Grady had his port placed Saturday. They prepped his body with fluids the rest of the day and he started chemo this morning. We will be here until Tuesday. He will get another chemo Monday and Tuesday morning. 

Grady is doing great. He doesn’t have an appetite and he’s sore after his surgery, but otherwise he’s the very spicy, silly, determined two year old we all know. 

Reece has been able to visit a lot. He loves all the snacks and toys. He’s definitely concerned about his brother but he’s doing great and understanding what’s going on. So thankful for my parents this week helping take care of him and juggling all the logistics involved. 

Let’s call this the beginning of part 2 of our temporary journey! 

Please pray Grady handles the meds well and bad side effects are minimal. Pray for Jason and I that we stay strong as a team. Pray for Reece that he feels loved and supported through this. 

Thank you,
🎗❤️ Nicole

Pete the Cat came to visit (aka Grandma). 

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  1. Sending love to you and your ohana. Temporary journey is right! Stay strong and hug tight!


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