Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Update • 10/01/19

Day 3 of chemo. I guess we just really didn’t know what this all entailed. We are going on day 5 at the hospital. Hopes of going home late tomorrow. Today is the first day Grady just really doesn’t seem himself. The color is gone from his face and he just wanted to snuggle in bed and rest his head on me. He did play in the toy room for a while, and had a few bites of oatmeal for breakfast. He’s still a little stinker of a two year old, so even though it’s frustrating at times we can be thankful for that spunk.
I left the hospital for a bit today. When we checked into the hospital, it was a hot summer day and now it’s beautiful fall weather here in AZ. It makes me anxious to get home and sit in the backyard.

I’ll keep the updates coming as I can. Thank you everyone for praying.

Grady got to meet Spider Punk while getting chemo yesterday ☺️

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