Friday, November 15, 2019

Update • 11/15/19

For those of you following on this blog, I also post on FaceBook at @gratefulforgrady 
Sometimes I add quick updates there, if you’re checking in on Grady. 

Grady is doing pretty well, we had a good week but ended up in the hospital for a fever Wednesday night. Grady will probably be here until Saturday or Sunday. The fever didn’t last, but they always have to keep him for a few days to be sure he has no infections. 

Other than that, not much has changed. Grady has good and bad days. Last week he came hiking with Reece and I and had some great energy, but yesterday he sat and watched movies all day and didn’t eat much. It does make a big difference if we are home or not. He has better energy and appetite when we are home. 

Thanks for all the prayers and food and financial help. We appreciate it all and definitely need you all during this. 💙

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