Saturday, November 30, 2019

Update • 11/30/19

Today is day two of inpatient chemo. We will be here 6 days this stay. This is cycle 4, with 3 more to go. Grady has another scan scheduled for December 16 and we are really wanting to see the tumors smaller by then. I think it looks smaller 🙏🏻. Surgery and radiation will be towards the end of his chemo schedule if everything goes as planned.

Please pray Grady doesn’t get a fever after this week of chemo. We want to stay out of the hospital as much as possible in December because when it’s flu/RSV season no visitors under 12 are allowed at the hospital.  We would hate to be here over Christmas and not be able to all be together as a family.

Thank you for all the continued prayer and support.

🎗✨ 💙


#pmmti #myxoidtumor #pmmtiawareness

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