Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Update • 1/15/2020

No fever for Grady! 🙏🏻 We are at an appointment now, he woke up not feeling great and it is common for him to get a fever the week after chemo. His ANC is only 30 but no fever so that is awesome! Pray it stays that way. We are hanging out a little longer while he gets platelets today.

He was very fearful/anxious in the car this morning on the way here. After we dropped Reece off at school and I turned in the opposite direction of home, his eyes just filled with tears. 😭 It breaks my heart more every time. I try to prepare him the best I can each night before hospital day, but he really doesn’t like it, of course.
He did great for vitals though and let the nurse do everything she needed to, and even sat alone on the chair, which is huge! Although, getting his port accessed is a completely different experience. I’ll never take pictures of that.

Also, Reece let me pick out his clothes and do his hair this morning! 💚 Isn’t he so cute?!

🎗✨ 💙


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