Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Update, also please check FaceBook! • 4/14/2020

Hello all those who are supporting and cheering on Grady! Sorry I have done a terrible job at updating here. I think enough people are asking and helping me spread the news of what’s going on. I’ve been pretty decent at updates on his FaceBook page. @gratefulforgrady
I know not everyone has FaceBook, so I’ll get a few more updates here soon!

** Grady is on his second week of radiation. So far he is handling it well. 5 weeks to go. I take him 5 days a week. Many many side effects are possible and some pretty much guaranteed. And the side effects are some what unexpected and unusual to me. So we would love prayers and support in this area. His treatment should not be effected at all by the Covid crisis though. They swabbed him today just to be proactive and safe, and are taking lots of extra precautions, but radiation really isn’t something you can take a break from.

We are counting our blessings during this time. And we have had a lot of blessings. ❤️

Grady’s Diagnosis

Well here we are... this is hard for me to share, but I’ve learned from many past experiences that bringing community into our struggles is ...